working from homeWith the prospect of the 2nd dip of this never ending recession looming like a dark cloud, contractors may find work drying up, day rates being squeezed lower and lower, or even worse, both – no work and low rates for the few jobs out there.

I was talking about this subject last night with another contractor, and the conversation was interesting. He had also seen the rates fall, but had managed to offset them by arranging to allow every other week to work from home. By working from home the reduced rates were counter-balanced by removal of travel costs, removal of wasted travel time, and more home time allowing flexible working.

So how do you broach the subject of working from home – a very difficult subject for contractors to raise with department managers.  It’s all in the way you sell it. If you just say, I would like to work from home please, the answer will be a straight No! But, I would go along the lines of…

Hi, look, I have been thinking that if you allow me to work from home, then its a win from all sides – hear me out. First, it means I get the benefit of not having to travel, so that means I have more time, so would be happy to work an extra half hour a day at no extra cost – how does that sound? But because I have no distractions, I will get a lot more done. But I can see your sceptical, so what about this, let me try it for a week and if I am not as productive or in fact even more productive in those 2 weeks, you have the option to vito the home working, and no complaints or questions asked. And of course, whenever I am needed here for meetings etc, I will always be available to travel in. So does that sound good to you?

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